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Cleanliness and Sanitization is Our Priority

· All nail technicians practice the most intensive sanitation and disinfection procedures
· We use new, disposable pedicure bowl liner, pedicure kit, files and buffers, paraffin and more... with every client
· All metal instruments are sanitized between clients

Pedicure Chair Safety


Here at Royal Essence, we care about your safety and provide you with peace of mind for a safe, relaxing experience:


We now use disposable liner for every client. After every pedicure, we thoroughly drain, clean and sanitize the spa basin and its components. This kills harmful bacteria and germs that can cause infection.


To further increase proper hygiene, we supply each client with brand new pedicure kit.


While a foot bath that has pipes can be drained and filtrated with a sanitizing solution between pedicures, the unit still will not be 100% sanitary.


At Royal Essence Lashes and Nail Spa, you will have a safe and relaxing experience with your pedicure. Disposable liners are the safest and most sanitary method available in the industry when receiving a pedicure. In addition, at Royal Essence, instruments are sterilized under ultraviolet irradiation after being emerged in hospital grade germicide disinfectant for a minimum of 15 minutes.  Your mani & pedi should be a relaxing and safe experience, your tootsies deserve this protection.


What We do

At Eyelash Extension, w
e have high expectations.  We demonstrate an exceptional level of quality in our applications and use premium products to achieve beautiful, long lasting results.  We love doing your lashes as much as you love your lashes.  We strive to give you the best results for your dollar, and this can only be ensured by not going over another salon. Our mission is to select the proper weight and length so you may wear your extensions indefinitely.  The health of your natural lashes is our top priority. At Royal Essence, we will never apply long or heavy extensions causing damage to your natural lashes.

Cluster lashes are not Eyelash Extensions!

We've been doing a lot of repairs lately on new clients coming in after having what they thought were “eyelash extensions” applied to their lashes.  What they really got were cluster lashes (also called individuals or flares) applied with semi-permanent extensions adhesive.  What happens when these clusters are applied with semi-permanent glue is that you will have several natural lashes stuck together within each cluster, which will be damaging to the natural lashes over time, not to mention, very uncomfortable to the client.

Our natural lashes are all growing at different rates and are at different stages of their growth cycle.   When lashes are glued together for any length of time this will cause the growing lashes to pull on slower growing lashes or lashes that are in their resting stage, which
can cause them to shed prematurely, not to mention the fact that you will feel discomfort from the pulling of these lashes.
True Professional Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions are done by adhering a single extension lash to a single natural lash.  This is done by a very precise isolation of the natural lash, and placement of the extension lash, to prevent any other lashes from sticking to it.  EVERY lash should be separate and able to shed when it's ready.  With proper care, the extension will stay on until the natural lash sheds.  Properly applied extensions will NOT be uncomfortable and will NOT damage natural lashes.  In fact, We have seen many clients show improvement in their natural lashes because they aren’t curling, applying heavy mascara and then scrubbing it off every night.  
So, for the health and safety of your natural lashes, please make sure you’re having your lash extensions applied by a licensed and certified lash extensions specialist.  And make sure you see pictures of THEIR work.   

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  For many years in service, Royal Essence always treat our customers sincerely, truly and respectfully. We are committed to go extra miles to bring you the ulmost relaxing moment, to make your beauty and youth stand out, to use only state-of-the-art products and procedures. We put ourselves in your shoes just to make our services better and better, because we treasure your precious time and don't want to waste it.

                Just give us a chance to convince you.
                                  Truly yours,
                                  Anh Vu- Esthetician, Eyelash Specialist, Cosmetic Tattoo Artist.
                                  Royal Essence Management.


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Anh Vu
Eyelash Extension Master Stylist/ Esthetician/ Micro Blading Artist
Estheticians Licensed
Body Wax expert
Lavish Lashes Certified
Permanent Make-up Licensed.

Anh Vu has 20 years of experience in Waxing and Nails and 10 years experiences in Lashes Extension-started Royal Essence Salon over 10 years ago with a vision of creating a healthy and luxurious nail care and the most hygienic waxing experience.  It has been wonderful to see the new customers that were referred by our current clients.  I never get tired of seeing the look of happiness on their faces when we finish making our clients look and feel beautiful.  I think that is what I love most about the beauty industry. 
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