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Most Painless Brazilian Waxes in Arlington, VA!!

With our extensive expertise and a signature line of high-quality products, we proudly offer the best Brazilian waxing services in Arlington, Virginia.

Nufree is the only wax we use – and it’s not even a wax!

It is extremely important to us to use high-quality products for your skin. This is why we use Nufree “wax”. Nufree is the gold standard in hair removal because it’s a medical-grade, soy-based vegan resin that can be used on over 98% of the body and it’s made right here in the USA. Nufree is not made from sugars, wax or honey, and is the only soy-based hair removal system on the planet. It is one of the finest and most expensive on the market, and it’s the only thing we use!

Because Nufree isn’t wax and doesn’t stick to the skin, you won’t experience the pain, discomfort, and irritation from wax-based processes. You also won’t experience redness or swelling that waxes cause for some skin types. If you have sensitive skin, this is the perfect “wax” for you!

We are proud to use only the best hair removal system on the planet.




Classic Pedicure

Royal Pedicure

Organic sugar scrub (choice of Lavender+Mint, Lemongrass+Green Tea, Mandarin+Mango, Milk+Honey with White Chocolate, Spearmint+Vanilla), paraffin treatment. Relaxing 15 mins foot massage & hot towels.

Detox Pedicure

60-minutes of TLC for your tired, over-worked feet? Sounds almost too good to be true, doesn't it? 

Lavender+ Mint Pedicure


Restorative Herbal Extracts

Soothingly calms the skin to reduce stress and tension for the ultimate aromatherapy experience. Nerves are calmed and the skin is renewed, soft, and deeply moisturized. 

Chocolate Pedicure

Are you having Chocolate cravings? We have your chocolate "fix" and we promise it will be calorie FREE! 

Mandarin+ Mango Pedicure 



Mandarin acts as a natural antiseptic as it rejuvenates cell production and refine texture. Mango fruit extract is a rich, natural moisturizer that deeply hydrates and nourishes. 

Milk + Honey with White Chocolate Pedicure



Milk & Honey work together as a nutrient-rich humectant to promote moisture retention in the skin. White chocolate is antioxidant-rich, fighting against free radical and damage from the sun and enviromental pollutants. 

Spearmint+ Vanilla Pedicure

Spearmint's cooling sensation will soothe the mind while a hint of vanilla helps to elevate your mood. An essential system helps to cal, and relieve itchy or dry skin while moisturizing and protecting the skin from future damage. 

Lemongrass+Green Tea Pedicure



Lemongrass, a natural antideptic, regulates the skin's oil secretion and reduce the skin's pore size as Green Tea neutralizes free radicals and reverse the skin's sun damage. Relieves tension, invigorates, calms, and inspires. 

Gel Pedicure

Classic Pedicure with Gel color.

Heavenly Pampered Spa Pedicure

Choice of Organic sugar scrub( Lavender+Mint, Lemongrass+Green Tea...). Indulge your feet in warm paraffin. Finish your treatment with a 15 min massage on your feet and 10 min on your arms and shoulders.
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Royal Essence Beauty Spa Deposit and Cancellation Policy

We hope that you will not need to cancel your appointment.  We do our best to meet your scheduling needs and request that you adhere to our cancellation policy.  Unless otherwise stated, we require 24 hour notice for cancellations and rescheduling appointments.  Failure to cancel or reschedule within this time frame will result in a charge of $25. Upon the 3rd instance of a late cancellation or “no show” you will be required to pre-pay for appointments, or you may gladly go to a walk in basis.




Royal Essence Beauty Spa is primarily a “by appointment” business, therefore, last minute cancellations can have a great impact to our business and that of our technicians.  Because of this deposits are required on parties and multiple services.  Deposits can be cash, check or credit card and the amount charged will be applied toward the services on the day of your appointments.


Spa Packages

A deposit of 50% of the total service is required for any spa package or multiple appointments..  Packages for more than one person will be considered a spa party.  All packages and multiple services require 48 hours notice for cancellation. No refunds are given on cancellations with less than 48 hours notice.

Accepted Visa, Master Card, Discover. No personal check accepted.

*Gratuities accepted by CASH or CHECK, Venmo, Apple pay only! Thank you!